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Resident Speakers Bureau

Student speaking at elementary school for Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau assists students and scholars from all over the world to share their knowledge, experience and interests with Bay Area residents. An invaluable resource for local civic and educational organizations, the Bureau provides discussion leaders and speakers representing a broad spectrum of national, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Volunteers are either International House residents who come from many nations (including the US) or visiting international scholars at UC Berkeley. Working with the Speakers Bureau gives them firsthand experience of US institutions while making new friends outside the university community. Local residents who use the service of the Bureau enhance their knowledge of countries and cultures, moving one step closer to becoming "global citizens" of today's globalized world.

Speakers Bureau Program Brochure (pdf)


  • Promote cross-cultural awareness and exploration among students from kindergarten through high school.
  • Provide classroom assistance at different levels responding to requests from teachers and organizations depending on their specific needs or share personal experiences and interests.
  • Bureau volunteers receive training in how to guide a classroom discussion and present their topic using Powerpoint in a clear and interesting manner.
  • Bureau volunteers occasionally work one-on-one with local students. Their service may involve participation in social and recreational as well as learning activities.
  • Mentoring provides students with valuable tutorial assistance in specific subject areas while encouraging their study efforts and offering positive role models in the quest for personal integrity and self-definition.


Local schools, churches, and community organizations can arrange with the Program Office to have volunteers come to their locations. The service is free of charge. In-kind donations, such as drinks, lunch and/or transportation for the volunteers, are much appreciated, but not required.

Trips for school and community organizations to visit I-House and experience its unique blend of nationalities and cultures is also possible through the Bureau. Visitors can participate in guided tours, special Ethnic Heritage Dinners, multicultural festivals, Globalization Programs featuring speakers and films and many other events. Every effort will be made to find a speaker that fits your needs as closely as possible. In order to fulfill your request, your complete information must be received at least two/three weeks in advance of your proposed speaking date.